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Otherworldly Author

Amy Rosenfeldt is a New Zealand based professional daydreamer and fantasy fanatic. She pursued outlets for the crazy things going on in her brain by earning a Bachelor of Communications and publishing her first novel the same year she graduated. Every day is a day to create and tell stories in any way possible for Amy, and to write stories about anyone. When she isn’t writing she’s creating stories on a stage through community theatre or at a table with friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. 


Aster's Coda: Exposure

Worlds collide as Abby Tacker must embrace her warrior lineage or die at the hands of her family’s worst enemy. 

Men in Black meets RWBY in action packed YA fantasy to die for.


Writing advice, feminist hot takes and quirky adventures of an author await with new videos post every Sunday.

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Laugh while reading and writing as I make a fool of myself, the books I read and the books I write.

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