Video Portfolio

Student Success: Benjamin Ross

Interview with NZSE alumni Benjamin Ross. (Filmed and edited).

September 2023.

Tongan Language Week

Video for NZSE’s Tongan Language Week celebrations. (Filmed and edited).

September 2023.


Tech Launch Pad

Video promoting programme in collaboration with NZSE and Wireless Nation. (Edited).

September 2023.


Beyond Holidays

Promotional video for travel agency Beyond Holidays. (Filmed and edited).

September 2023.


We Are ATC

Video ad for NZSE’s School of ATC. (Filmed and edited).

August 2023.


Are You Ready To Get Exposed

Book trailer for 2nd anniversary of the release of my personal book, made with stock and self filmed footage. (Edited).

July 2023.


Little Shop of Horrors Countdown

Video for Harlequin Musical Theatre’s 2023 production of Little Shop of Horrors. (Filmed, directed and edited).

August 2023.


Little Shop Cast Announcement

Cast announcement for Harlequin Musical Theatre’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. (Filmed, directed and edited).

July 2023.


Pharmacy Lab

Video showcasing NZSE’s purpose built pharmacy lab. (Filmed and edited).

July 2023.


Sports, Recreation and Exercise

Video promoting a new NZSE/ATC programme – NZ Certificate in Sports, Recreation and Exercise (Level 3). (Filmed and edited).

July 2023.


Study Tech

Reel highlighting the Tech programmes at NZSE (Filmed and edited).

July 2023.


Why I Study Hospitality

Video to promote Hospitality programmes at NZSE. (Filmed and edited).

July 2023.


ATC Hamilton

Highlights video of the first quarter’s events at ATC Hamilton campus. (Edited).

March 2023.


Spooky Scary Sprinkle Donuts

TikTok/Instagram Reel using jumpcut techniques to promote Halloween donuts. (Filmed and edited).

October 2022.


Cherry Pie

TikTok/Instagram Reel video documenting the creation of cherry pies. (Filmed and edited).

July 2022.


Toroa Preservation Society

Social Media video on the Toroa sinking at Birkenhead wharf. (Edited).

October 2021.


The Renaissance School of Dance

Promotional video for annual dance production that was cancelled due to Lockdown/Covid-19. (Filmed and edited).

September 2021.


YouTube Intro Graphic

2D animated YouTube intro for personal writing channel. (Edited).

September 2021.



Promotional video using green screen and masking techniques to advertise a fictional app. (Filmed and edited).

May 2021.

Three Worlds Creatives

Book trailer and cover reveal for the release of my debut novel, Aster’s Coda: Exposure. Made using stock footage combined with own filmed shots. (Partially filmed and edited).

May 2021.

Flightless Nerd

Documentary about the beginnings of a small business during the August 2020 lockdown. (Filmed and edited).

April 2021.


Sea Life Aquarium

Video/photography reel of a trip to Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium. (Filmed and edited).

July 2020.



Short film depicting artist’s block. (Filmed, directed and edited).

June 2020.



Edit using combination of stock and self-shot footage and the soviet montage technique. (Partially filmed and edited).

April 2020.



Hypothetical web series 2D animated intro made using stock images and graphics. (Edited).

October 2019.


Brown Boys Don't Cry

Short film exploring grief and masculinity from the perspective of a Samoan family. (Sound operation and edited).

October 2019.


Meghan Kenney

Documentary about Miss Grand International 2017, Meghan Kenney, and her experiences after having her drink spiked at a charity event. (Filmed and edited).

May 2019.


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