Photography Portfolio

Events - NZSE

Classroom and event footage from NZSE campuses in 2023.

2023 (ongoing).

Still Life - Donuts, Cakes and Pies

Digital photography of various baked goods for an independent bakehouse.


Still Life - Bookstagram

Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy phones and edited using various photo editing apps, depicting novels I have read and reviewed.

2020-2022 (ongoing).

Nature - Sea Life Aquarium

Digital photography from aquarium trip to Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium.


Still Life - Glass

Digital photography depicting glassware, edited in photoshop. This portfolio earned me Top Photography Student of 2018 in my high school.


Urban/Architecture - Newmarket

Digital photography from a trip to Newmarket, Auckland.


Events - PHS Key Club

Photography of dinner with the Kiwanis President Jim Rochford hosted by the Key Club of Papatoetoe High School.


Still Life - Not The Destination

Film photography of classic Triumph cars, toy cars and relevant tool. Used for NCEA Assessment, graded Excellence.


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