Journal – Getting Back Into Writing

With book one of the Aster’s Coda series being officially out, I already couldn’t just sit back and relax. Book two is on the horizon now.

And it was a draft that I hadn’t touched in roughly three months. It’s amazing how much a book release can stray you from your work, among other things. It wasn’t until the week of release, when I finally scheduled all my work, that I finally was able to get back into creative writing again.

I had been more on and off with writing book two than I expected. I started writing it when I sent book one off to beta readers late last year, into the new year and then half-abandoned it during the crunch time of release month. My priority then was the release blitz and creating content for Exposure’s release.

It is odd, to say the least, knowing that I wrote my first draft in High School while classes turned to monotonous lectures of the same old things. And I had time in between assignments and without a writing platform to maintain. This time feels all the more foreign. I’m balancing my author platform, part time job and uni assignments while trying to find and prepare myself for a full time job.

Needless to say, this draft won’t get finished for at least a year.

I know I will have to seize any tiny amount of time to work on this novel and set aside those little moments to do so. The ten minutes or half hour I wait for my dinner to cook. The fifteen minutes after I get ready to go out too early. An hour after I shower. I peak creatively after showers.

And I’ve started to do that when I can. Unfortunately, my next scene to write is a fight scene. I need an hour at a minimum to work on that. I’ve started, but stopped short at the beeping of the oven timer.

That being said, I have missed creating entire scenes again. Even if the contribution was small, it was sensational adding a page to the draft. And I don’t care how bad it is, in the moment it is thrilling. I had a stroke of genius creating a point of tension in said fight scene which adds so much more the characters and their relationship. It’s amazing what small yet crucial changes can come up when you actually write the story out.

So Aster’s Coda: Semblance looks promising. At least more promising than the version I wrote in early high school.

Yours in writing


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