Tom and Ashwen are my BroTP- A Review of The Misadventurers: An Almost Epic Tale by Steven Partridge

Well that’s the longest post title on my blog to date.

This book comes from another AuthorTuber, Steven Partridge. I’ve only been watching his content for a couple of months, and he is a saint. The Misadventurers is his debut novel.

This is the review of an advanced reader copy (ARC) of Steven Partridge’s novel. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

In a tale reminiscent of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, a group of adventurers from different walks of life are forced together to complete a quest. They must retrieve the sword of dire power. Emphasis on must. They literally cannot walk out of this until they complete their quest.

This kind of book isn’t usually my cup of tea. But let’s just say I downed it. I didn’t expect to be as hooked into it as I wound up being.

The world was built really well, and we set foot into many communities to show it. Each city felt like their own character, and was a fresh outlook for somebody seeking more than the textbook settings. From the bustle of Greenridge, to the industrial Stonebluff, to the colour of Trundleburg Village, I loved every place the characters dragged me to.

I’m always a sucker for great, diverse characters, and they were absolutely delivered. These were delivered so well that my favourite characters were constantly changing. They mainly swapped between Ashwen, Beryl, and Cole. But that doesn’t mean the others are discredited. Heck, the chemistry between the main five was brilliant as well! I was particularly a sucker for every moment Ashwen and Tom talked, or in Ashwen’s cased bickered, with each other. Their friendship is the most wholesome thing I ever read.

I spotted some references in there to giggle over, which I mainly know from watching a couple of D&D livestreams. I feel I’d find and appreciate a lot more of those references had I been into RPG games a lot longer. Well, it’ll be a happy little hunt for you guys when you read it.

Also, did Tom get his name from the scene where he spies on Beryl? Because he was a peeping Tom?

Character I Loved

This changed way too much, but I think in the end it wound up being Cole. I’m not going to say too much about him due to spoilers, but this was a character with some serious depth. And I’m a sucker for tempered characters.

Character I Loved to Hate

Goddamn Princess Garnet. There were so many times I just wanted to squeeze her head until it burst, but I’d be too weak to do that. Is there anyone who would actually be capable of that to do it on my behalf, please?

Favourite Chapter

I was seriously enticed by Chapter 9 due to the setting and the way it was explored. I’ll leave the magic of reading it up to you guys, but I’ll tell you it’s industrial, communal, and absolutely unique.

Favourite Serious Quote

“Until you see past the illusions of the world, you will remain unable to truly connect with it.”

Damn, that’s deep. Honestly, this whole scene was. But this quote in particular should be the slogan for world peace.

Favourite Not-So-Serious Quote

Curse his insight.

Let me guess, Tom rolled a natural 20?

Overall Verdict

A fantastic adventure lead by brilliant adventurers. The Misadventurers: An Almost Epic Tale gets a score of 4/5.

The Misadventurers: An Almost Epic Tale will be out on August 27th. You can preorder Steven Partridge’s debut here:

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