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Geoff Latu – Aster’s Coda: Exposure

“Better to put the burden to something good.”

Geoff Latu is the one person in the whole of Beauclark High School you’d least want to cross. If his stature wasn’t enough to intimidate you, maybe his dark-eyed stare or his seemingly stagnant frown will drive you out of his path.

Many rumours about him have circled around the school grounds as time after time he gets suspended. He’s been expelled from at least two high schools prior, he broke out of Juvie, the only reason he hasn’t been expelled from Beauclark is because his family is paying the school big money…

His closed nature doesn’t help with determining which ones are right. He’s very slow to trust, but very few have given him that virtue at Beauclark High anyway aside from his closest friends Nate and Eli.

But there’s more to him than he lets on. Music helps him cope with his internal struggles. He’s long wanted to do songwriting and music production as a side gig, ever since he join his church’s choir.

And he has a sense of nobility about his actions. Though how, considering he gets into a fight every two months, I’m not sure. Still, he claims that he won’t fight just anybody. He has reasons that he gets provoked, particularly if his insecurities are targeted.

Theme song: Fairly Local by Twenty One Pilots

Five Facts:

  • Geoff plays the guitar
  • He is the middle child of a single mother and never met his father
  • His fighting style is loosely based of the 5e Barbarian class
  • Geoff is Samoan
  • He loves reggae music

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