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Jada Werdeau – Aster’s Coda: Exposure

“After all, nobody can truly lie to me.”

While Jada resides from Faetos, Jada doesn’t remember much of it. She had to flee from it with her big sister Jada due to a conflict that broke out from back home.

That, however, has never defined her, as she has made a fresh start with her life since them. She’s spent most of her recent years acquiring a normal life on Earth, which she’s managed to fit into pretty well. She’s got a spot on the under 18 girls soccer team and is an ever studious student at Clinkard’s Girls Grammar School.

Her personality is as bright as her blue skin and hair. She’s the cinnamon roll of the series for sure, very bubbly and chipper to most people she meets. She’s quiet yet outgoing, looking to make friends with whomever she can and develop a connection with them.

I say most people because she’s scarily good at reading them and will be among the first to call out anybody she doesn’t trust. Her insight has even scared off some friends, but that just means she keeps those who are truly close to her.

Maybe it’s her otherworldly home calling to her or the monotony of school life, but Jada wants something more out of her existence. She dreams of fantasies where she uses her inherent sorcery to make the Three Worlds a better place. Sadly, people don’t give 15 year old girls many opportunities to spread their wings.

Theme song: Lunchbox Friends by Melanie Martinez

Five Facts:

  • Jada’s fighting style is based of the Bladesinger wizard subclass in 5e D&D
  • The tattoos on her head are a cultural tradition, abandoned since she left home
  • She loves to wear skirts
  • Jada used to also do gymnastics but gave it up in High School
  • She hates the cold

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