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My Debut Novel is Out – What next?

You thought this was over? Aster’s Coda: Exposure is just the first book in a five part series. And that’s just ONE of the story ideas I want to write.

As heartwarming and rewarding as it was to publish a novel and set my author career off, I am ambitious and want to eventually turn my storytelling into a full time gig. And we know that doesn’t happen overnight.

So here I am, ready to say what is in the works of a little indie author at the bottom of the world. Holy shit, I can call myself an author now!

Aster’s Coda: Semblance

Of course we have a book 2 in the works! Aster’s Coda: Semblance sees Abby Tacker embracing her Aster identity and trying to work out what it means as conflict rises against the Merus Imperium.

This is currently in the drafting stage, and I’m up to chapter 10 of the first draft of this. I’m already excited for you guys to meet the new characters in book including Dina, Lily, Tyrell and Fray!

And of course we have some amazing fights and conflicts, I’ve already written two gripping fight scenes!


Last year I decided to commemorate a year of playing D&D and my quickly discovered passion for the game with a month long celebration, and I’m gonna be expanding it across my platforms! More than just YouTube and Instagram.

Among this I’m planning to release some homebrew content based on the magic systems in the Aster’s Coda series, worldbuilding tips and more!

The Rose Bulletin

I’ve been working on creating a newsletter, and it will soon be ready to go live! This will be a monthly newsletter featuring updates on my media, insider information on Aster’s Coda, life updates and more!

Let me know what else you’d want to see in this email newsletter and keep your eyes peeled!

Writer’s Block 2.0

My blog is getting a revamp! We now have more than just book reviews and book updates coming up on this blog – there will be posts every Friday! Whether I’m talking about what I last watched, some writing advice or providing writerly updates, expect a post about it on Friday!

I’m so excited for you to be joining me on this ride, thanks so much for sticking around! And keep watching for big things coming up in the next year.

Yours in writing


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