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Nate Hallows – Aster’s Coda: Exposure

“You hated yesterday, so shut up next time.”

You could take one look at Nate and discover that he is an asshole. He’s not hiding it. He wants to watch the world burn.

In fact, he’s got a temper. He will lash out at anyone who crosses his path and blow up like a firework. That is most people who would say even the slightest contradictory point. If you’re not the target of his retort, it’s actually kind of funny.

But if you are targeted by Nate, you best watch out. Revenge is a dished best served poisoned, in his eyes. If he has the smallest vendetta against you, he will send it back twice as hard and twice as fast. This doesn’t necessarily make him feared in the school, just known as dangerous. Like the same way you’d normally avoid a spider.

Just as long as you don’t get trapped in his web on your way past him. You could be a pawn in his little games, on his side or his oppositions’ side. In spite of his reckless nature, he is wise enough to know when someone else can do a job for him and he will go at lengths to get this person on his side.

Theme song: Twisted by Missio

Five Facts:

  • Nate will wear a jacket even if it’s too hot for one
  • He was spoiled as a child and likely threw a tantrum a fortnight
  • He is easily spooked
  • It is impossible for him to tan
  • He loves pranks, unless he is the target of one

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