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Abby Tacker – Aster’s Coda: Exposure

“What can I say? Trouble loves me nowadays.”

Branded the nickname Canary from her bright orange hair, Abby Tacker is ever self-defensive. And not just by her position in Soccer – she’s always watching her back.

She’s a soccer-playing history buff with an affinity for her family’s history. She’s been told of it by her mother through bedtime stories, giving her a love of discovering more about her lineage and of battles past. Her family was one of warriors, but Abby is far from one.

Her emotional side has especially revealed itself with a bullying problem at school piling on top of her mother’s unexpected death to start off the year. Talk about tragic. Maybe because she doesn’t expect her life to get any worse, she heads into the start of her final year at Beauclark High School with dreary optimism and the goal to turn her life around.

Though by turn her life around, she didn’t mean to discover that her family is in an otherworldly blood feud. This was a fact withheld from her, never mentioned in her bedtime stories or in regular conversation. This could mean she has inherited some otherworldly abilities too.

Abby struggles to identity who is on her side and her true place in this conflict, but more importantly if she is a good of a fit as the warriors in her ancestry.

Theme song: ANTIHERO by AViVA

Five Facts:

  • Abby originally had green eyes in early drafts
  • She loves to read classical literature
  • Her ideal holiday is at the beach, she loves summer weather
  • Abby is bisexual
  • Her dream job is to become a personal trainer

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