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Rocco Tacker-Sanders – Aster’s Coda: Exposure

“The Three Worlds can’t wait for me to be ready.”

He may seem careless and a goofball on the outside, but Rocco has got heart and ingenuity. If you need to find anybody to trust in, he’s one guys you can surely count on.

Though he finished an engineering apprenticeship, he instead took up a babysitting job just to spend more time with his falling apart family after his stepmom died. He does try to find time to tinker in his spare time however, even if it is tinkering with joystick of game controllers. He’s clever when it comes to most things with wires.

But of course, his priorities go far beyond his career. He puts more effort into his social connections than his career connections. This is especially the case for his family. Rocco is willing to have a good time with you AND will go out of his way to better someone else’s wellbeing instead.

However, his ability to do so with his little sister Abby is put to the test as secrets get revealed about his involvement with Abby’s curse. And it’s not something she may be pleased about.

Theme song: Polarize by Twenty One Pilots

Five Facts:

  • Rocco’s original faceclaim was YouTube personality Joe Sugg
  • His fighting style is based of off Yang from RWBY
  • His mum is Maori, but because Rocco doesn’t live with her he doesn’t associate himself with that culture.
  • He has an ever extensive collection of graphic tees
  • Rocco got bitten by a snake when he was 12

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