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Kyrie Werman – Aster’s Coda: Exposure

“We don’t have time to hold on. We have to move on.”

Kyrie is an immigrant from Faetos and a total badass. She’s had to lead her sister Jada across continents and through Overlaps, fend off all who threaten their survival.

This incredible fighting prowess lend her in a rather high position amongst a secret otherworldly organisation – the Sub Rosa. This organization aims to keep peace amongst the Three Worlds, but that isn’t Kyrie’s only goal within the ranks. She aims to get a high enough ranking to lead the Sub Rosa.

Most of her friendships come out of her work within this organisation because she knows she will trust her coworkers, and then she will open up to them and call them her friends. This may mean some of these relationships can seem cold but with warmer intentions.

When Abby gets involved in her otherworldly peril, Kyrie is among the first to help her and her allies out. She’s there to offer the training and the nerves of steel they need to finish this blood feud.

Theme song: STFD by TeZATalks

Five Facts:

  • Kyrie is on the asexual spectrum
  • She has little ties to her own culture but is very appreciative of others
  • Her alignment is lawful neutral
  • She wasn’t added to the Aster’s Coda series until the rewrite
  • Kyrie also has the abilities to heal and detect thoughts

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