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Eli Da Ferric – Aster’s Coda: Exposure

“I started to think you were too big of a coward to show your face here.”

Eli is the cold hearted snitch of Beauclark High. His bored expression, only ever replaced by steel-eyed curiosity, makes him ever unapproachable and an enigma

He is the quietest out the his three friends, and the only one who has any piece of common sense in his eyes. Being a friend of his is a feat in of itself, as he never opens up. It takes a mighty social prober to pry anything out of him. Sadly, this mysteriousness is in no ways attractive when you know what he’s done.

He knows how to target your worst insecurities and spread them around like a virus. Is it Eli’s incredible perception, his unwavering insight or his cold way with words that lends him such an advantage? Regardless, the number of kids he’s made cry just from a year at Beauclark is horrifically astonishing.

That being said, he doesn’t hold anything against anyone or hold grudges. The most unsettling thing about his seemingly sinister nature is that he almost never gets angry. It’s a calm like being watched in the middle of the night.

Theme song: Buzzkilll by Mothica

Five Facts:

  • Eli practices meditation regularly
  • He will never resort to violence and is pathetic in a physical fight
  • He was once very studious but is now careless about his ‘insignificant’ grades
  • Most of his wardrobe is grey
  • He is a big fan or horror stories

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